The Kitchen Committee was the idea of Doris M. Stokes in 2010 who decided the church needed rotating cooks and servers and procedures for kitchen maintenance and upkeep. She followed S. Helen McCray as the church cook. Other well qualified cooks in the past have included: Thomas Michaux, Anna Mae Hill, Loretta Marshall, Lorraine Mundy, Susie Lawson, Leona Walker, Ruth Coggins, Michelle Latham, Elizabeth Barnett, Judith Payne and Ernest F. McAdams, Sr. Those cooks who have retired or moved out of town include: Eula L. Miles, Clara Rall, Gloria Harris, Sharon Marcus and Marilyn Hawkins. The current committee prepares and serves breakfasts, lunches and dinners or, prepares food for receptions, picnics and fish fries.   Pamela Gray is an expert baker and Kevin Parrish and Mark Wardlow are both outstanding barbecue cooks. Mark Wardlow is the current president.